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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Job Woes Again

As some of you may be aware, I lost my job on Monday, I knew it was coming for about a month since my contract was set to end Monday.  I've been looking, but no bites as of yet, I've pretty much put myself out on every job board out there, we shall see what happens.  My preference would be to stay here in Salt Lake City, I like it here.  But, I have to face the fact that I will have to take a job that pays me for my level of experience wherever that may be.
This is a source of consternation to my family and friends, but what else can you do right?  I wanted to use my back-up plan of moving in with my sister or parent's but the situation in SoCal is worse than here, well hell, it's worse all over in CA.  I don't want to be a burden to my sister or my parents so I stay and I fight :-D.
I've taken care of some money hemorrhaging right now.  I'm returning my car to the bank, that's a savings, my insurance will go down because the replacement car only needs collision.  I dropped my school payment down by $100, and put my loan on forbearance right now.  I no longer have netflix, or my gym membership, I don't need them right now.  Plus I got rid of my storage unit, overall I've saved about $700 in the last three months, that should allow me to survive on unemployment while I look for a good job.  It will be hard I don't doubt that and more and more people around me are being laid off as I speak, two of my friends in two days actually.
I'm keeping myself busy, designing t-shirts, working on Impossible Box stuff, doing logo bids, helping Jeremiah on his project, and so on and so on.
The future is uncertain, but I've been down this road before, and while it came to soon for me to have any money saved up, it didn't come as a surprise that I didn't plan ahead for it.
Thanks for listening to me rant.

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