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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shame on You Dough Boy

I throw my support with @365daygirl. For those who don't know, Pillsbury is going after a local Salt Lake Business called My Dough Girl: the full story can be found here: It's just not as simple as saying don't use that name, people do corporate ID searches just so things like this don't happen, to have a company as big as Pillsbury come at My Dough Girl simply on the basis that they think it is similar is ludicrous, they're not the same thing. Doughboy vs. My Dough Girl, both different imagery, both different products both NOT the same. Shame on Pillsbury for going after the "little" Dough Girl in the name of some corporate agenda. What is the point of these share the recipe posts then, is there some hidden small print that says they will own your recipes once they get posted on their website? Leave small businesses alone and get back to making your millions (Lord knows you have enough).

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