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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Impossible Box saga continues

Seems our artist Amanda is leaving Impossible Box, citing personal and professional differences.
That is unfortunate. Despite our repeated attempts to work with her, it seems it was not enough.
It seems there were trust issues, communication issues, my friendship with Lance was threatening to her, we expected to much from, and our approach was deemed unprofessional and taken personally.
Again it is unfortunate that she took our attempts to work with her that way, but we are all entitled to our opinions and our own point of view.

I wish her much luck in her future endeavors and hope that her project Anachronism is able to launch now that we are not in the picture.

At this point the only thing to do is get written permission from her that work created under Impossible Box Studios will not be used her Anachronism project and I believe she still owes Lance some books she borrowed, software needs to be uninstalled from her PC, and money needs to be paid back to Lance.

Still I am very excited to work with Shawn (our new artist), he has some great ideas and is way excited to work with us, we shall take the lessons learned from dealing with Amanda and work at not repeating the same mistakes we made with her.

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