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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Most of my friends will tell you I tweet a lot, incessantly even, so how does one strike a balance in terms of real life and the "social media" life?
I have my physical flesh and blood relations which I value and then I have my online "twitter" relations which I value as well.
I've separated my twitter account from my Facebook account as a first step and I work hard at making sure some content goes to either or or, or both if it makes sense, but it brings to mind something @decanblue said, "Maybe we do think about it to much." Do I?
I admit I can be obsessive, and I admit I can get caught up in "fads" but this (gestures at Social Media) is not a "fad" nor is it "fluffy" nor is it something to be taken lightly once one goes down the path of being "serious" about it.
There are consequences on both end, balancing your life, which is always important, not ignoring your friends, and trying not to be annoying to your friends (any of them).
Case in point, one friend has pointed out that she wants to get more into Twitter and blogging to make money, get her voice across on weight loss (both worthy goals). I, in my enthusiasm and happiness for this person, went perhaps a little to far into talking about it to her, pointing out etiquette (something another friend did as well), but it seemed...not welcomed.
It counterpoints the same thing that happened with me with @decanblue and how I fully embraced it, and how through suggestions to @365daygirl, she grew to love using Twitter. I have other individuals who "get" what I am trying to say about the potential for this vehicle to get you across, whether that is personal branding or your company's.
The danger lies in not being that crazy guy who stares at you with shiny eyes of madness when he is telling you that Social Media is the greatest creation since the invention of the wheel.
As much as I say, don't be the annoying company or person that says, "me, me, me" or "sale, sale, sale" because I'm just a corporate pencil monkey, I need to watch that in myself.
Walking around saying, "You on Twitter? You tweet? How is it working for you?" Sounds like I'm selling a car (I don't do that by the way, but that can come across).
But I was talking about it enough to annoy some people, but some people once I explained it in more detail began to listen. Why? I was enthusiastic, I was excited, I was infectious, I saw the potential and could get that potential across, I was borderline crazy shiny eyes guy. Never once did I say you're doing it wrong, your way sucks, instead it was listen, take notes, and then make suggestions on how certain avenues might improve a person's communication with their target audience.
Don't assume they will come to you because you have a Facebook account or a Twitter account (if you don't engage nobody will come to you) you have to work at it, be their friend, explore avenues of communication, and provide a reason for them to keep coming back to you.
This blarrrgh of information is what gets people going, but not all people.
You have to LISTEN, if you don't LISTEN then you fail to notice the person who isn't interested because they don't care, they don't need it, they are experienced or they just want to do it themselves. I need too assume that people want to learn something of value, but I don't need to assume that beating them with the stick of obsessive crazy is the way to do it.
I'm going to continue to tweet, and Facebook and sit there on my phone typing and reading, and I'm going to continue to learn what I can and pass on what I know about Social Media and it's place in one Magical Mexican's personal branding, but I will try to keep my obsession from ruining your day as well my friends.
At the end of the day, we all need our friends and scaring them away is tantamount to suicide or worse being the naked guy playing WOW after losing his job for not coming in for a week.
Not me man, not me. I stick to the pajamas and a few hours a day thank you.

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