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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Social Media Schizophrenia

I came to a realization last week, I've been bugging my Facebook friends with my Twitter posts about Social Media..and that ladies and gentleman is no good, no good at all.
It's crazy, but on the one hand I have this personality on Facebook, that is informative, a bit crazy, irreverent and entertaining (or so I believe) and then there is the Twitter side of things. On there, I am a bit crazy, entertaining and informative, but I'm also very interested in Social Media and it's potential, not just for me, but for the future of how we deal with each other and how businesses deal with each other and their customers.
My mistake was in trying to keep EVERYBODY informed of ALL aspects of my interests, when in reality it really should have been kept apart.
I feel like it cost me some in terms of my friends on Facebook, most of them don't get Twitter and most of them might not want to get it, and that's OK (there have been converts, hell I am a convert) but sending them post after post of my findings on blogs, articles and news about the latest in Social Media probably left them with a WTF attitude about who I was on Facebook.
My friend @decanblue on Twitter noted that when I mentioned I thought my friends on Facebook probably hated me for inundating them with Social Media articles, especially when most of them got no comments, had no "likes" and yet people seemed to enjoy the articles I RT or posted on Twitter.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, two different animals, two different audiences (audiences that could overlap mind you but different nonetheless) with one perhaps not caring any less about the latest articles from Mashable, bkmacdaddy or Twittercism (to name a few), unfortunate yes but in the end they are my friends and I have to be sensitive to that fact. If I'm not then all I am is a pitch man coming across for all intents and purposes like a salesman. Who likes salesman? If done wrong, not many and I don't want to be taken wrongly.
So for now, I'm going to keep my two "lives" separate, at time they will crossover, but not always, and that's OK, and I hope it's OK with both/either of my friends on both/either Twitter and Facebook.
Now if you will excuse me, I'm tired from unpacking and I have three cats I need to share a bed with :-)


  1. I like your thinking. More importantly, I value and appreciate those times you've retweeted or shared one of my links. Thanks. :)

  2. LOL, thanks man, I appreciate you sharing your links for us to enjoy