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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Mean It Existed Before I Did?

What is it about the human beings that makes us ignorant. We have this wonderful tool called the Internet, and even without it we have BOOKS, so how is it that some snot nose kid can think a movie called The Wolfman (2009) based on the original 1941 production starring Lon Chaney Jr is a ripoff of Twilight!!!

Holy Monkey's! Is this for real? Mind you that this is not the first time I've hard something like this before, a while back a friend of mine (sorry) commented on how I Am Legend (2007) was a poorly executed derivative of movies like Underworld, not that it was actually a remake of Omega Man (1971) and itself a remake of Last Man on Earth (1964) all of which were adaptions of 1954 Novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, wherein a man is seemingly the last person remaining after a disease has killed the worlds population and turned some of them into lunatic vampire creatures (it's more complex than that but you get the picture plus it's an incentive to read the novel)

Another case in point, 80's music and the trend right now in SLC (especially at Area 51, a nightclub downtown) for these kids to think they discovered something nobody else has. I go there to hear my "oldies but goodies" but get ridiculed for dancing how I danced in the 80's (when were you born kid, oh 1992? Shut up!) and meanwhile they hop around like spastic jelly beans on fire no matter what is being played, whilst dressed like Aerobic freakazoid dropouts from a Jane Fonda video! Mind you, I don't mind people having fun, but to mock ME for having my fun they way I remember it?

Look kid, you didn't invent the wheel, computer have been around longer than some of your parents, and the internet is older than you, you didn't find, it discover it, or fashion it. You just think it's cool, but you didn't bother to read the instructions or look in your history books.

For the record Bram Stoker did not invent Vampires, he invented Dracula (what? NO! Say it ain't so!) and even that guy was based on Vlad Tepes (I won't tell you who that is because you have Google or Wikipedia to tell you that, or egad open a book), and Vampires have been mentioned since 1047 AD in a Russian book of Psalms ( Hey you know what look up werewolf's while your at it (I can't hold your hand son)!

Now then, we have all this information floating around us on the internet, in the books, in the minds of your elders, why then do you insist on insulting yourself and making us do palm slaps to the head by saying things like the person above said? Why not try something novel, like read up on the subject if you disagree with it, that way you have something to argue with...or you might discover THAT YOUR WRONG! While your at it please learn to write, I suck at writing but I'm way better at it than some of these kids (where's your head at?).

Look man, use the tools you have around you is all I am saying, God (or whatever) didn't give us the Internet but we did receive a brain right? That brain made the Internet, that brain let's you type on a keyboard, that brain can do research and form thoughts and ideas until it finally comes to a conclusion.

“Those who know how to think need no teachers.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Why do I expound on this? Because there is that "Oh sh*t" moment when you realize you said something ignorant and can't take it back, there is that moment when you publicly (in this great big Social Media age) state your stupidity onto the world like the person did above (and then let it get spread out on Twitter, Facebook and blogs to be enjoyed both others) and make the rest of glad it wasn't ourselves doing that.

Remember the World existed before you did, and the world will continue long after your food for the little bitty bacteria in the air, so why not speak what you know, learn what you don't know, and learn, learn, learn!

Peace out!

PS: By shirts!!!

PPS: Disregard that shameless plug!


  1. Haha, I love this post. You are an excellent writer! Sorry I am just jumping back on your blog bandwagon. I promise to be a more faithful reader.
    Still laughing...hahaha.... stupid kids. :)

  2. LOL I am glad you enjoyed it :-)