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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Last Scene of Movie and some homework

So last night Celia and I went to see a friend of hers named Randy (cool dude) whose 71 Camaro "Blacky" was going to be used for her 5 minute film.
Car is awesome but has no power steering, so that was going to be rough for Celia to drive (required for the scene) but she was able to pull it off.
Although I guess there was some drama in the Church parking lot up the road she turned into, and Randy's neighbor didn't appreciate us swearing in the street for the scene :-S
Overall it was fun times, and I"m glad she asked me to participate.
Afterwards we went down to the Woodshed and hung out for a bit, drank some beer and listened to to a band that had two lovely ladies, one on rhythm guitar and the other one on the bass. That to me is SEXY, like seeing a woman on a motorcycle is SEXY. Great voices as well.
I got home at about 11pm and started doing some homework on Social Media, specifically looking on the website
These guys are great! Lot's of cool insight, stay up on the news, and generally up on the social media info going around. A great resource for a guy like me, who is more than just curious about social media and what it can do for me and for the comic that will be out on the Burning Phoenix Comics website.
Engaging is the name of the game, don't be a salesman, don't ignore it, and be transparent. Look at multiple avenues but don't use those avenues just to use them.
Make sure you know what your doing or your going to do worse than if you had just not done it.
This stuff isn't like tossing a grenade or launching a fire and forget missile, and that's what I see out there with local businesses.
Fire and forget.
Oh look everybody! I have a Twitter account. (cricket sounds as that business walks away and nobody goes to follow you)
Hey we're on Facebook! (hardly posting, wrong person posting, lack of interaction, possible cricket sounds as that business walks away and nobody asks anything from that "fansite")
Hey! We have a MySpace page! (boccie balls! This looks like somebody's low rider on LSD! Where do I find anything? Where are the comments, look at all the games! Why games?)
There is an understanding that this Social Media stuff will just work for you, but what you need to realize is that you have to make it work for you, sh**t doesn't write itself. You have to provide content that attracts, that entices, that engages, that says, "Hey I'm not just this business trying to sell you on me, I'm here to get to know you, want to get to know me?"
Enough ranting, I need to make a button! (purposefully not given explanation)

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