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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A visit to Timm and an announcement

So today I went to see Brother Timm...I had avoided it, I admit that.
I didn't want to come there feeling false about it, he doesn't deserve that. The time needed to be right, and thanks to Lori, the right time was today.
It was great to see him :-)
He is in good spirit's if very bored, and hopefully Lori and I broke up the monotony if for a brief moment.
He's a good man, very talented, and he's a fighter, I would hope to have the amount of strength he has to keep pushing forward a little bit everyday.
Part of my hesitation was not feeling like my reasons were false for going, not wanting to bring negativity and honesty feeling inadequate to the task of being there visiting him.
I enjoyed it (the guy in the other bed made it a bit awkward), and I hope to see him again before I move.
At the end of the month I'll be moving into Punkhouse, a titular place in Salt Lake named because of it's illustrious residents through the years.
I love my privacy and I love living alone.
But times are tough and money is tight, and saving $200 a month is quite the attractor for me right now.
It should be fun, it should be different (Been awhile since I've had that many roommates) and hopefully I won't drive anybody crazy.
I'm soon to turn 44, and I can get a bit set in my ways :-S
In the end it should be fine and things will work out some way or another as they always do.
Let the good times roll :-D!

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