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Monday, February 22, 2010

Do you get it?

I'm often asked by my friends why I'm twittering all the time, to most of them it seems like a waste of time, or they don't get it.
True enough, when my friend @decanblue mentioned it to me in conjunction with working on our @impossiblebox project, my response was, "Huh" and "Why?" Honestly, when I tell people I tweet their response usually is, "Oh I hate twitter!" Trust me, I was in the same boat.
And then...I used it, I expanded upon it, true in the beginning I faltered along, but then it hit me.
I can get information this way, I can share my thoughts we people ANYWHERE, I can converse in a global conversation.
Initially it worked out that I could link it to my Facebook and Myspace account, and I don't have a fancy web phone, but that doesn't stop me from getting Twitter and Facebook replies to my posts.
Most people that know me, know I can be...bizarre to say the least, and it it's a great forum (Twitter) to get my voice out there, especially when your working on a project like the one my friend and myself are working on. But then I began to learn more and to see posts about Social Media and I began to READ them, and with @decanblue it all gelled as to what possibilities are out there.
We are looking at a medium of information that with it's 32 million users (Webbiquity: ) has a global reach and potential unmatched (as I see it) beyond what Television can accomplish.
With it you can reach out to new customers, provide links to interesting content, influence those you interact with, be influenced, participate in marketing ebbs and flows, get news, be heard, be noisy and so on.
With this knowledge has come a leveling out of my tweets, I'm still bizarre (I can't help it), but there has been a paradigm shift to an awareness of the self in proportion to my Social Media self. They are one and the same, but as "I" grow, so does that persona grow until eventually they reach equilibrium.
Why do I do it? I asked that question and am asked that question.
Because I have a comic I want to push, I have ideas I want to push, I want to learn, I want to be weird, I want to be noticed. I have an insatiable need to "out" there and anybody who get's twitter and gets it correctly knows what I mean.
All of us, in some fashion are narcissistic, even the corporations who have their own Twitter pages, and they go out and say what they have to say but say it with interest and with interesting content.
The person or person who is/are narcissistic, but doesn't get it only puts down what is simply a log of their life and if your interesting enough, then that is sufficient. If your not, well then we're treated to, "Took dog for a walk, saw a squirrel, got home, now eating oatmeal." To illustrate this, I will sometimes tweet that I am doing something specifically to laugh at myself, to laugh at Twitter and to laugh at how silly it can be sometimes.
The person or persons who take their narcissism seriously, well...they just don't get it. They are the ones who give you the sale of the moment, tell you they have specials, spam you with get rich schemes and "methods" and YOU NEVER GET TO CONVERSE with them, almost like it's really just a robot sitting there spitting out goo of info. To those, I simply turn of their feed, how sad is that? Your a company, you want people to follow and buy your product and instead of getting to know your followers/customers you tell them what they already know instead of saying "SPOTTED Extreme Pogo: When you're pulling off front flips on a pogo stick, you might want to wear a helmet." from @Delllounge where they post about music, videos and games (as an example). Dell talks to their customers, they listen to customer tweets, they monitor them because like anybody who is narcissistic, they want to know who if anybody is talking about them and what they are saying.
Most of us on here are here because we want to be noticed, we want to know if anybody notices us and we want to know what people are saying about us, from the individual to the company we WANT TO BE NOTICED.
So why do I tweet? I have a need to be noticed. Do you get it?


  1. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

  2. Great post, Manny. I certainly need to get better at tweeting. Once I get going, I have a ton of fun with it, but a day or two without tweeting and I find it hard to get back on the wagon. Twitter really is like a flowing river of discussion, but you don't want to get caught on the bank with the dead twigs. I get caught there too often. I seriously watch twitter everyday, but I get stuck as a spectator more than I should.