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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Minute Movie Follow -Up and Twitter Ramblings

So last night was fun, a bit unorganized but fun nonetheless.
None of the original people for the movie showed up though, so that was a bummer, but we pushed through and got some women that came in were good sports and participated.
I got into a discussion about Social Media with the bartender Donald at the Woodshed (bar where the filming was going on-cool place check it out) and how it could possibly impact business there.
One thing that stood out, was his immediate dislike of Twitter and his belief as a wast of time.
What is this dislike of tweeting? What do people don't get? A medium that puts you in touch with the world, that if done correctly is as exciting as watching grass grow or as impacting as watching your business grow!
I use it as a means to connect to people, to connect to Facebook and to connect to MySpace by this means. My followers, friends and family are subjected to my rants, my data mining, my weirdness, but for those places I might be hanging out with, I'm free advertising!
Everytime I go into Area 51 or Edge, I'm advertising, everytime I go into Coffee Connection I'm advertising, people respond to me and we keep the advertising going.
Imagine that under controlled circumstances? Imagine doing that for your employer?
Sure free advertising is great, but you cannot control it's execution or it's outcome? What if it's negative? Great free advertising right?
This then was how I tried to explain it to Donald, I think it made sense to him, especially when I told him I had been tweeting about coming to his bar and had continued to tweet since being at his bar.
Can it or did it make a difference, maybe, maybe not, but is it worth it not to try? Especially if your a business owner?
Sorry got away from the movie production, just had to say that.
So yes, I was the star (why me?) and Celia was the director, 4 short scenes but it was a lot of fun, Celia bought me all my drinks, Donald made me two nice vodka martinis, we watched Toxic Avenger and Species 2 on the Telly, got to meet some nice people, helped out a good friend and had an eventful night on a Monday night here in Salt Lake City, where not much goes on Monday nights.
Wednesday, Celia and I meet up again to do the last part of the movie involving a vehicle.
Can't wait!

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