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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ran into an old Sensory Sweep Big Wig

So last night I was at Brewvies with my business partner getting
something to eat before meeting a potential client when lo and
behold! Who should be there with a female brunette but Chris R
There was the momentary shock of recognition, then the re composure
and finally admittance of the event.
We shook hands as breaking into FF battle would have ruined the bar
potentially delayed my meeting, and proceeded with strained small

Chris: Oh hey how you doing, long time no see, what you up to?
Me: Oh you know, hanging in there trying to keep myself busy doing
Chris: Same here, trying to keep busy doing stuff. I've been very
fortunate that I'm able to work out of my house.
Me: !... Well that is great. I'm shooting for the same thing, maybe
work 3 hours on site but stay home the rest of the time. Your lucky
you get to do that.
Chris: Oh yeah for sure...
Me: ...
Chris: ...Well guess I better get going. It was nice seeing you.
Me: For sure, you take care.
Chris Same to you. See ya.
Me: See ya.

Me after he walked away and he couldn't see my face: $%#&*(*@#$$ (with
an evil grin I might add)
Mentioned it to my partner who thought it amusing, didn't see him
until 20 minutes later when he came out to get food.
Still short, still has that grey sweater with a long sleeve shirt
underneath (light blue, pink, white, can't remember but you know what
I mean) and still seems to have to long of humanly normal arms in
proportion to his torso.
Never saw him after that.
Thought you might want to know.

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