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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things are a brewing

Can't go much into it, but lot's of things seem to be coming together on multiple fronts, the comic book idea is nearly to the publishing stage (I will make an announcement) and our other project is poised to take off as well.
Still no news on the job front, I do have an interview this Wednesday at Vanjent for a position working for the Census Bureau, we shall see how that works out.
I'm network connecting everyday through the power of social media, it's such an amazing medium really.
A tool which can be used to further one's own presence online as well as further one's one business presence and how it connects to other businesses and patrons.
I will right on this soon because I had a great conversation with my friend @365daygirl whom I know personally and on twitter for 3 hours in our favorite coffee shop @CoffeeConnection. So much so that we almost forgot the real reason we were there for.
So tonight, movies, dancing and breakfast at Ihop once the festivities are done.
Have a great weekend all.

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