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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Social Media Pondering Yo

People get on my case for doing this social media stuff and wonder why I spend so much time on it, well I don't have a full time job, so that answers one question, but the rest isn't so easy.
Silran666 is myself and as such I want that self pushed to the reaches of the internet to my friends here in SLC and hopefully beyond.
It's my digital self to correlate and correspond to my "real" self, it hopefully has the same personality as me, so that people who know me, "know" it's me.
Given that I'm trying to put out a comic book at Impossible Box Studios, it stands to reason that I as the "artist" should market myself out there and make myself known. Establishing an online presence, makes it easier (one would hope) to develop and have a ready made audience.
Does that sound under handed? It could, if the effort wasn't sincere, if it wasn't fun, and I'm not lying to anybody, anybody who follows me on Facebook or Twitter or Myspace "gets" me and at the very least are amused by my efforts and/or really enjoy my efforts.
But it ends up becoming a job in and of itself I am discovering. So where do I draw the line? That is the big question, for instance, I tried using the social oomph twitter plugin, but have decided to put that on hold after 1 day of use. It became evident that while it did provide some great information, and I am responsible for what kind of information it gives out, it came across to me as spamming and for me that simply did not do. I noticed a drop off in people looking at what I posted.
How did that differ from some of my days when I send out 20 tweets of info in on hour? I control the content, the content does not control me. While one could accuse my firing off as "spammish" it is done with my voice in mind, especially when I add little comments behind my posts.
It's me, and it feels like me, these posts while having my interest immediately did not feel like "me" and I ended it.
Producing, keeping track, responding, being responsible and feeling how the content you develop is being perceived is a lot of work and someday perhaps doing "all" of this will be done from one platform, one app, one location at the push of a button and the whisper of your voice, but in the end it's about doing "manual" labor and right now that is OK with me.
At least it is mine.
Hopefully all of this will pay off you know? Hopefully silran666 is a "known" product and name that links to who I really am, whether that be Manny, Manuel or Manster, but it as a name and as a brand becomes just as much a part of me as my real names.

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