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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dumb people who make fun of others

Overall a good night tonight, except for the dumbass who thought it would be funny to make fun of people downstairs and did leaping pirouettes and crashed into me! I asked him to be careful and kept dancing and they sent their girlfriends to then harass me but pushing and shoving on me. I told them to drop it and they did the we don't want any of you hand signal. Sad thing was the girls had more balls than the guys and tried to do something to me and in the end I didn't do anything but ask them to watch it! Sigh...people. That's what's wrong them, THEY do something wrong and when someone has the balls to just say, hey watch it...directly, evenly and with authority, not yelling just evenly, I AM in the wrong because I ruined their fun of making fun of people by having him run into me, I'm such a bad person! So obviously the girls take it upon themselves to invade my dancing space and shove up on me to teach me...what....a lesson? It boggles the mind that people are not willing to admit the culpability in their own actions and instead feel put upon because somebody says something to them DESPITE the fact they are in the wrong. Lose the false sense of entitlement and realize the world wasn't created for you, you were created for the world like all of us and when you leave mommy's house you have to own up and be an adult.

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