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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A not so pleasant Impossible Box meeting

A not so pleasant Impossible Box meeting
Well today Lance and I had to do a most unpleasant thing, unpleasant but necessary.
As you may or may not know, I'm currently working on a project under the moniker of Impossible Box Studios, well today we had to confront our lead artist and tell her we were shelving the project for an in determinant amount of time, citing professional differences.
In no way was it an attack upon her personally, it was strictly business, certain things had occurred that had left a bad taste in our mouths, and we had previously tried to address it, but this person did not want to do that. Individually, Lance and I tried to deal with this person to determine what had caused her to basically accuse us of nefarious deeds, but individually she had told us she had no problem with us, but instead had a problem with the other person.
To us this was dishonest, and with the previous accusations took the thunder out of our momentum and the desire out of finishing this project. It is our belief that you need trust and honesty to run a business, and we felt we could no longer trust her or believe her and felt that her feelings were reciprocated.
Given that, tonight we notified her of our decision, explained our reasons and gave her a chance to vent.
She took it personally as we felt she would and explained as best we could this was not personal at all and that we would pick this back up in mid January and come to the table with all our cards exposed and hash out our differences. We were clear that we would waste no more time on this if that was immediately not the case and take it as a lack of desire and committment on her part to see this project through.
The meeting lasted about a half hour and both of us were clear about our decision, were clear about it not being personal and gave her a chance to speak up.
While she did speak up, it was not to explain herself clearly I thought.
We were accused of blaming her, of attacking her, of finding her mean, and bitchy and not giving her a chance to voice her opinion.
We responded that we had given her four times to express her opinion (of which she dismissed and wanted to just ignore), that her feelings of us finding her mean and bitchy were internal to herself, that our comments were never stated as attacks and in fact clearly stated to not be attacks, that all of us were to blame on this outcome, with us just as much as she.
In the end we have agreed to shelve OOF and Impossible Box as it is right now and revisit it when we have calmed down and have written down our grievances to bring to the table and discuss.

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