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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Practical Immortality As I See It

I haven't written on here in a while so I thought I would restart with a subject near and dear to me.
I want it. Really I do, and the arguments about doesn't life suck enough as it is to keep going forever doesn't work with me. Despite my situation, my life does NOT suck and I want to see it all and there isn't enough time to enjoy it.
Now I'm talking about a very practical immortality.
Not Highlander immortality-impotence and the ability to die if you lose your head is lame.
Not Vampire immortality-reliance on an organic substance to keep you going and the those pesky weaknesses that vampires have does not a true immortal make.

No, this kind involves an advancement in human evolution and condition.
No more reliance on food or sleep, you are sustained by the energy of the cosmos, why is that cool? Well if you don't eat (unless for pleasure) then you don't have to perform bodily functions, I really hate bodily functions. Even if you do eat though, your body runs so efficiently that you use and consume everything you eat, you don't need to sweat because your body isn't bothered by heat or cold, you see where I am getting at?
The energy of the cosmos binds your cellular structure and advances your mind to see it's totality, because of it your smart very smart, because of it, your able to control the density of your cellular structure. Things just don't hurt you because you don't let it hurt you. You don't age because your cells constantly regenerate, and consequently you don't get sick either, cool eh?
Because the energy that keeps you alive is around and plentiful you don't need to sleep either (again unless you really want to) and you never tire or fatigue (the poisons that affect your muscles just get eliminated) and your like the energizer bunny.
We're not talking superman here like in the comics, there is not ability to fly, there is no ability to shoot beams of heat or possess super powers other than immortality like I've described above. No aging, no eating, no sleeping, no sickness or disease, regeneration, intelligence oh and strength, nothing superhuman but definitely superior to the limits of human ability.
What would I do with said immortality? The part that get's people.
I would travel the world, live where I chose as long as I wanted, leanr the languages and customs and move on. I would learn multiple professions, a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, whatever but with time why not challenge yourself to learn all you could possibly learn? Money? What about money? Do you need money right away? You could build a cabin in the woods and just live there. You could invest in something that takes a long time to build because you have the time to wait.
The only downfall is watching all those around you die as they grow old, that would be the true test of surviving immortality, but the escape is always there.
You want to die then you die you cease your hold on this world and go, your not cursed to stay here against your will, it's your will that holds your hear and allows you to be connected to the universe at large and absorb it's energy. Just stop it when you tire of it, and will your end.
Anyway that's my little aside and rant for today.

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