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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Almost perfect

Tonight was fun, almost perfect, but still fun.  Danced for almost two hours or perhaps even more, ran into Tiffany and had a chat, talked with Erin and Nate for a bit, met Ricks new wife Olga and enjoyed the view, did I mention I'm a big fan of school girl outfits?
Last time that I mentioned that, my old girlfriend, Gretchen, dressed in a Catholic school girl outfit, AFTER we had broken up, talk about trying to make a man hurt!
Only downside was the tummy ache I had, practically half the night, the latter half of the night.  I blame it on the muffin or brownie thing I ate at Beans & Brew, unlike the one at Liberty Park, this one did not have things like quiche or sandwiches to gulp down.  So the rich, chocolaty, lard laden fat goodness was what I had, oh and a bagel.  But pretty sure it's the richness of the former that is causing my tummy to ache.  It's going away slowly, I don't think the heat of the place (boy was it crowded AND hot) and dancing helped, but (shrugs shoulders) eh.

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