Silran's Playground

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Time Blogger, not first time Blogging

Well this is my first blog here on Blogger, greetings to you all, if you think you know me come find me on Myspace under the Bingo the God Clown.
Currently, I'm placing light points on a satellite map so that the software at work can place trees for the simulation we're working on.
Oh, did I mention I'm an artist? Yeah, I'm an artist, both traditionally and in 3D.
I've worked in the video game industry for almost 9 years at SingleTrac, Beyond Games and Sensory Sweep.
I've also bartended for about 8 years at Club Area 51 in Salt Lake City.
The purpose of this blog is to share my viewpoints, show my artwork, share oddities I find on the internet, have some fun.
That is all.


  1. Yay! I love that you blog... I promise to be a faithful reader if you are a faithful poster!