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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good "work" day now on to fun

Good times, the meeting went swimmingly, we've already had a meeting to go over legalities and functions for each of us so with that out of the way, we set out to define the project and brainstorm.
Turned out quite well, we hit one (I don't want to call it a snag) issue but we made it clear that the idea belongs to one of the team, and that me and my other partner would in NO WAY infringe upon that and do something she wasn't comfortable with.  For that matter, something that would be uncomfortable for any of us. 
But we defined the storyline, basics of the universe, who the characters are and so forth.
We're also looking at source control and file conventions and where to store it.
Overall a very productive day so far.  Now it's a little personal work of my own (I know, like what is rest right?) and then off to Miah's to watch Anime, topping off the night with some much needed dancing.  Hoping Miah will be influenced by having gone to Depeche Mode to perhaps do a, might have to talk to him about that.
More info coming soon about what I'm up to and about.

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