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Friday, August 28, 2009

April, Jen and I at the Depeche Mode Concert "E" Center SLC

Had a great time at the Depeche Mode, the band was amazing as always, don't really understand or get the people behind us, who barely knew any of the songs or wanted to just text and talk with each other instead of enjoying the music.  Jen wanted to kick their asses, lol and then April got told by security to put her camera away!  The video during "Strangelove" was way way erotic and quite risque I thought for SLC, but ....who cares!  The final duet of "Waiting for the Night to Fall" with Martin Gore and David Gahan was amazing!  Never have I had the opportunity to see them sing a song like that together!  All in all an amazing concert.

April and I

Jen and I

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