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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleep...Perchance to Dream: Part 2

So early this morning I had a very quick dream (a quickie?) about being at my parent's home in Norwalk, Ca. I'm with other people but it's extremely vague as to who they are.  All I know is that someone is trying to break in and they have guns (the last dream with guns involving a break-in, I got shot in the chest), we're unarmed so we are hiding to ambush them.  Then a loud noise from the living room signals their breaking in, and I wake up.  Coincidentally, I did hear a loud noise from the living room which did actually wake me up and had gotten incorporated into my dream.
When I woke up this morning for work, lo and behold that noise is still happening, because they are doing construction again on 39th down the street, and some big digger is probably trying to break up the asphalt they just laid down.  LAST WEEK! 
Who sets up these schedules?  How is it in most jobs we cannot be inefficient, but when it comes to government at any level, inefficiency is the name of game.


  1. So weird, the last dream I had where I got shot in it, I was shot in the chest too. Woke me right up. I really hate those dreams.

    Governments will always be inefficient as long as they have to spend all of the money they ask for regardless of if they really need it.

    My dream last night was that I dropped my iPhone and it broke into little tiny pieces. I spent the rest of the dream putting it back together. So weird...

  2. One could argue that the phone represents your life and you felt it had fallen into pieces, your desperation in putting it back together, though futile, shows your desire to get your life back on track.
    Or you could have just dropped your phone, which is expensive, and wanted to fix it.