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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our third meeting for Impossible Box

Today we're going to look at Amanda's artwork and see what here process of developement is, in the hope's or better yet not hope to enable a more efficient way of producing artwork for the comic book.
Besides that, I am showing the directory structure for our files (so we know where stuff goes and where to find it, and we don't stand there going ugh...) and the naming convention for the files (so that we're not just naming thing willy nilly: like "hat" or panel1, but more like panel1_issue1).
In addition, Jayson is going to go over what workflow we should choose, waterfall or .....I forgot, BUT what I do remember is that I like the flow of the second one rather than the first one.
I'm sure that Jayson or I will be updating the Impossible Box Blog sometime later or tomorrow, might be able to show some artwork that Amanda has cooked up. :-)
Ta Ta for now.

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