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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Stand-In night.

Is home safe, and going to bed no later than he normally would be going to bed, save that his legs are really sore from dancing first upstairs to some Depeche Mode and then downstairs to finish off, I swear that Kevin was trying to kill me down there.  Dude, back to back marathon songs? Oh well at least at my age I can do it right?
This more than makes up for some frustration earlier, but that is past.  Once again, it was nice dancing out there with Miah and April, less idiots down there.  One tried to parody Miah but he was dissuaded by him and sent on his way.  Interesting, why does Miah get parodied by younger gawky 21 something male and I get parodied by the munchkin 18 year old?
Sigh, that girl, she literally lasted a minute trying to dance around me and make fun of me.  Finally, it was like "man I'm going to accidentally hit that girl," SHE WAS THAT CLOSE!
I turned bent down to talk to her, and said: "Hon if your unable to dance, you might want to get off the dance floor."
Sigh.  Probably should have ignored it, but a minute?  Come on, most times when that happens it's over like in seconds with male or females, because I just ignore them and (especially with guys) dance through their space as if their not there, they usually get the hint quickly.  But this little girl was literally less than 5' tall! 
Oh well, the night ended well overall.  I got a good workout.

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