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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shaving a penny here and a dollar there.

Trying to survive financially in this economy blows let me tell you.  I'm trying to pull some magic spells here to help.  I've reduced my gym membership to a pinance to just keep it open and locked at the rate it's at now, I'm getting rid of my storage unit and going to stuff it all into my one bedroom, I was able to do graduated payments at SHC and I'm negotiating my auto insurance to shave off $30-40 there as well.  Once I finish paying off this new phone my cell phone payments should drop another $60 as well.
All in the name of pinching money and surviving.  If this works out right, I could save almost $200, which turns into $100 once my loan payments start back up again.
To top it off, I begin my annual pilgrimage to any bank including my own to see about refinancing my car so that I can get lower paymens (that's what's really eating into my finances-$467 a month is a big gouge).
I'm sure you can understand.

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