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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Job Woes

So I've been a contract worker for Rockwell Collins for 11 months now through Donatech.  Being that I only had a month to go, I felt it was important AND necessary to talk to my lead about my future with the company.  I.E. will I renew my contract, get hired on as a permanent employee or not continue on with the company.
It turned out to be the last thing on the list above.  Due to two projects (with projected hours above 20000 for each) being cancelled or delayed there isn't enough work to keep ALL of us contract workers there.
All four contract workers are being let go by mid October.  It was a shock to a couple of my friends who are employees and too the person I am answering to for this marketing demo we are preparing for the beginning of November.
You see they expected me to be there until the end of October for the crunch period, which this changes.
Can I say that my motivation went out the window, I think I spent a half hour in shock, then talked for awhile to the other contract workers about the situation.  I contacted Shreyash who is my liason with Donatech to start looking for jobs anywhere he can (meaning out of state, because in UT there are no prospects).  I also am preparing to give my Mazda back to the bank and walk away from it and take out the last of my mutual funds to buy a POS car to replace it with.
I have a $467 car payment which with rent and other bills will not be payable on Unemployment if I don't get a job.
My drop dead date is October 19th which is a Monday.
I didn't feel like working on Impossible Box stuff or on anything for Miah or April and barely scraped together the desire to turn in another business card design tonight:

Instead, I went over to Chris H's house to watch Battlestar Galactica: Caprica, have some yummy fish that he cooked up for us and a salad as well.  Then Erin joined us and we watched House.
I needed that, I needed to just center myself and be with friends to bring me to Earth.  If I had been alone I probably would have kicked the crap out of my punching bag (not a bad idea but is that really productive, wait neither was what I just did).
So, tomorrow is a new day where I work to take a negative and make it into a positive.

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