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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Greek Festival

What a great night!  Yea the lines were long, yeah the food was expensive, but hey, it was good times.  Had a beer to pass away the times, Erin (ever the caregiver) bought us these cheese stuff things with a flakey crust like baklava and some dough stuff fried and doused with honey.  That held us until then, unfortunately with the diet I'm on, if I miss a meal no matter how small it might be, the sugar levels begin to drop and I can feel the "monster" in me begin to come out.  So she saved the day.  The line was HUGE, it took us about an hour to finally get our food and it cost me $21, Chris ended up with a $29 bill for his food.
I figured out that I had 6 different items on my plate and each of those items added up to a serving a piece, so I had a serving for 6...I haven't done that in 3 months!  I actually got woozy from the carb influx, but didn't suffer from the carb slush that i get when I dance sometimes, so that was good.
God, like 3 dolmatis, meatballs, lemon rice, beefstew, some flaky spinach thing, and some other item I can't remember...six items!
We ate, some of us admired the beauty of all the Greek women, my lord they keep themselves well even the ones my age or older.  sigh.
After that walked back to Area 51 (we had parked Chris' Rubicon there) and went into Area to look around.
Finally we left a little after the bar shut down but before the club closed and went back to Chris' house.  Chris offered up some Barton's gin and pineapple.
Danced a little bit, got offered a cupcake for a birthday, a shot for being there, it just never ended.
Tomorrow, back on the wagon for this boy.

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