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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pocket Dimensions

It must have been all the rich food I ate, because lately I don't ever remember my dreams. 
In my dream we're at so me park, the park is part of the environment surrounding the "complex."  I'm there with Jeremiah and we're just hanging out, when Ed appears and wants to join us; naked.  Odd but ok, she throws a blanket on herself and we walk around the park.  At one point, Ed lays down and emotionally crumbles, Jeremiah and I try to get her up but to no avail.  Ed's next move is to throw off her blanket, I being a gentleman and also because of the kids decide to climb on top to cover her.  Why simply not throwing the blanket on her wasn't sufficient I don't know.  As we argue with her and a bunch of leering men and teens begin to gather, Ed bolts to the bathroom and disappears, running past Jen Simoni who comes over to chat with me.  We talk and the park area half becomes a bar while we are chatting and ten there is commotion in the bathroom and everything becomes the bathroom again. Jen is gone. 
Jeremiah comes out of the bathroom carrying Ed who looks like a tight emotional ball of flesh, but somehow she has some clothes on again.  We begin walking towards our car's to get out of this place, when she hops out of Miah's arms and runs to get water.  Miah is a bit frustrated at this point.
I run after her to make sure she doesn't get into mischief and as I approach her I witness something that Ed had mentioned before but I had not had the privilege to see (at least that's the way it was in the dream), the world in front of her hand goes all fuzzy and wavers and she reaches into this fuzziness and pulls out a water bottle!  OMG, I've just witnessed a fully functioning and existing pocket dimensions, what a find!  Jeremiah catches up and sureptiously  I try to convey that message to him, in a sort of over the shoulder mouthing exageratingly sort of way.  He just looks at me like I'm an idiot and there it ended.
Wonder what it all means?  Just a piece of grool stuck in my belly?

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