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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday-NOT just a day for rest

Great Day!  I got lots of stuff to do and it all involves sitting in front of my Mac, documents to write, responses to request to write, research, t-shirt artwork, freelance work hustling, and some personal writing to do.
Again I must make note, that it is the desire of humans beings to find a need to NOT have idle time, or perhaps it is a sign of age, a means for the mind to combat the fuzzies that come with age.
Certainly, as I've gotten older, I have found more time and desire to be personally productive than to have leisure time.
That being said, I'm Hispanic, Mexican-American, it's in my blood to be social and have fun, as my cousin's husband in Mexico put it to me once, "You Americans live to work, we Mexicans work to live."
I have to include myself in the former, and I am pretty sure he agreed as well.  It doesn't mean Mexicans are lazy, it means that they recognize that "fun" is important and without it, you have burnout.
So...I must continue to dance if at all possible, even if that means in my kitchen to music on my headset (April you know what I mean) and I must go out occasionally to be social.  It's very easy I see now to become like my father or mother, or even my grandmother.  A recluse, a being with the simple desire to be left alone to his/her own devices.  It's there, I can feel it, and a part of me wants it.
Enough rambling, get back to work!

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